Thursday, 15 October 2015

Harvest Festival

This afternoon we held our Harvest Festival Assembly in the main hall. Each phase contributed in different ways.

Foundation Stage told the story of 'The Little Red Hen'
Years 1 & 2 sung 'Come and Join Our Harvest'
Years 3 & 4 read a Harvest Poem
Years 5 & 6 sung 'Harvest Samba'

Pastor Matt Sheard came in and told us how little things can make a big difference, by showing us a cool Science experiment!

Children (and parents) had been very generous by bringing in food from home for our display. This food will now be distributed to people in need in the local area.


  1. molly, who is in year 6 , is in endike and it is the best school in england so well done endike

  2. Well done ever one. Unfortunately I was at smash but I bet ,because you are all such good singers , it was amazing
    Abigail H


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